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Artie and Matt Larson on the Family Farm for Artie's Harvest

Growing up on a small farm in rural Washington state, my dad Artie taught our family the value of farm fresh and homegrown food. In the spirit of my dad, Artie’s Harvest direct develops partnerships with like-minded small family farmers to bring you world class honey, agave & syrup.


Artie's Harvest is a family owned company operated by the original owners

Founded by childhood best friends, our roots are in small family farming and we operate on the original farm settled in 1904

Artie's Harvest partners directly with farmers to improve transparency in the food supply chain

We develop partnerships with like-minded small family farmers and eliminate the middleman to build transparency in our supply chain

Artie's Harvest is serious about treating our employees and farmers ethically

Our workforce is gender-diverse, multi-ethnic and compensated above local standards

Artie's Harvest sources sustainable honey agave and syrup

We limit transportation to reduce the carbon footprint, avoid pesticides and drive zero-water-waste initiatives

Meet one of our farmers, beekeeper Matthew

Meet Our Farmers

When we say Farmer Direct, we mean it.  Check out the stories behind our incredible team of farmers who we are privileged to partner with to bring you quality Artie’s Harvest products.

Buy Honey in Bulk

Seriously, you can get that sweet stuff right here.  Our retail packages are available through our amazing retail partners, but for those of you who just cannot get enough from like, you know, a squeeze tube, you have come to the right place.

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